Pure Stella




Sterilizing & Cleaning Water "Pure Stella"

① Pure Stella is electrolyzed water made into “Sterilizing & Cleaning 100% Alkalized ion water” . Surface acting agents and chemicals are not combined, making it an eco-friendly water.

②In comparison to normal water, high permeation enables it to seep deeply into stains, rising them to the surface. Also, its high alkali level prevents rusting.

③The high pH level is due to electrolysis, not chemicals, therefore it is safe with low temporal change making it stable. (It is people-friendly ,clean, safe, reliable cleaner.)

④Not only does it sanitize, it also sterilizes. In addition, it deodorizes.


(A)Non-chemical water= no production of bubbles= eco-friendly
(B)Electrolyzed water which can even break down grease
(C)Alkali water to prevent rusting
(D)Electrolyzed water to keep its high pH level: safe enough to touch the liquid
(E)High pH water enables sterilizing equal to that of alcohol
(F)Because it can break down stains, it can also deodorize
(G)One wipe for easy, safe cleaning: no bubbles are produced unlike other cleansing liquids
(H)Economic: pH13.2 can be diluted with water
(I)No necessity in using alcohol: cuts down expenses

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